Automatic Payments

Automate Your Payments, Continue Your Plans

Automatic loan payments through ONE FCU provide members with a convenient and reliable way to manage their loan obligations. By setting up automatic payments, members authorize ONE FCU to deduct their payments directly from their designated account on a scheduled basis. 

On Time, Every Time

ONE FCU’s automatic payment service offers peace of mind by eliminating the risk of missed payments, late fees, or negative credit impacts. Members can rest assured knowing that their loan payments are handled securely and efficiently.

Scheduled Transfers

effortless loan payments

Scheduled transfers through ONE FCU’s Online and Mobile Banking App offer a convenient and efficient way to manage loan payments. Once you’ve enrolled in the service, you can set up recurring transfers from your designated account to your loan account. This automation ensures that your loan payments are made consistently and on time, without the need for manual intervention.

ACH Origination

Streamlined payments, simplified solutions

Using ACH Origination to pay your loan at ONE FCU offers a convenient and reliable method for managing loan payments. By setting up ACH Origination, you authorize ONE FCU to electronically withdraw funds from your designated account at any financial institution on specified dates, ensuring your loan payments are made promptly and consistently.

Automatic Funds Transfer

Simplifying your financial journey

If you already have Direct Deposit to a Savings or Checking Account at ONE FCU then AFT’s might be for you. Automatic Funds Transfer provides a convenient, reliable, and secure way to manage your loan payments at ONE FCU. It streamlines your financial obligations by pulling your payment from another account at ONE offering you peace of mind knowing your payments are handled efficiently and on schedule.

Simplify Your Finances

Automate with Automatic Payments