Fee Schedule Effective 1/1/2020

Membership Fees

Membership Share (par value): $5.00
Bad Address Fee (per month): $2.00
Dormant / Inactive Fee (per month, after 12 months with no activity): $3.00
Escheat Fee: $25.00
Share Account Below Par Fee (6 months or more): $5.00

Share Draft Account Fees

Monthly Service Fee: FREE
Electronic Bill Pay Monthly Fee: FREE
Overdraft Transfer Fee (per item): $10.00
Check Copy: $3.00
Stop Payment Fee (personal draft only): FREE
Stop Payment (sequential block of personal draft items): FREE
Stop Payment Fee (Corporate Drafts): $15.00
Draft Printing Fee: Prices vary upon style
NSF Fee (debit, draft or ACH): $35.00
Courtesy Pay (debit, draft or ACH): $35.00
Ongoing Negativity Fee (per day, after 5 business days negative, up to a maximum of $100): $5.00
Money Market Account (below $1,000/per month): $10.00
High Yield Holiday Withdrawal: $25.00 per Withdrawal

Credit / Debit Card Fees

Card Replacement (Lost/Stolen): $10.00
ATM Surcharge for Non-CO-OP Network Transactions: $2.50
Credit Card Late Payment: $15.00
Sales Draft Copy: $5.00
Cash Advance / Balance Transfer Fee: 1% of Transaction Amount

Business Account Fees (Share Draft Account Fees also apply)

Business Checking Account (per month): FREE
ACH Origination: Fee See CUSA for details
Business Change Requests (non-Fed denom): FREE

Loan Programs

Loan Doc Prep Fee: $30.00- $200
Delinquent Loan / Late Fee: 5% based on scheduled payment

Other Service Fees

Account History – From Staff (No page limit): $5.00
Statement Copy Fee (6 months max): $5.00
Electronic Statements (per month): FREE
Paper Statements (per month): $2.00
Check Cashing Fee (Members with Savings only – per item): $3.00
1) Minimum balance of $5,000 or more
2) Age 18 and under
NSF Fee (payments received): $35.00
ACH Return Fee (per item): $15.00
*Deposited Item Return Fee (Innocent Deposit – per item): $35.00
Account Research Fee – Members (per hour): $25.00
*Balancing Check Register; Researching Disc and Microfiche; subject to possible storage retrieval fee
Account Research Fee – Outside Agencies (per hour): $50.00
*Researching Disc and Microfiche; subject to possible storage retrieval fee
Official Check Withdrawal: $5.00
Reg D Fee (Per withdrawal over 6/ month): $5.00
Outgoing Wire Transfer Fee: $20.00
Incoming Wire Transfer Fee: 4 Free per Month/$10.00 per Wire After
IRA Maintenance Fee (annual): $20.00
IRA Transfer: $25.00
Court Order -Legal/Tax Levy: $75.00
Uncollected Debt Collection Charge: 20% of the uncollected debt amount
*VISA Gift Card Fee: $5.00
*VISA Travel Card Fee: $7.00
Non-Member Check Cashing (per item): $5.00
Member Coin Machine Use: 3% of transaction amount
Non-Member Coin Machine Use: 9% of transaction amount
Non-MAFCU Card Cash Advance: 2% of transaction amount
ONE Express Boxes (Charged Annually): $20.00-$50.00
NOTICE: Rates and Fees are subject to change without notice.