Loan Protection

protect yourself, and your family

Loan Protection insurance is designed to provide financial security to you in case you are unable to make loan payments due to circumstances such as disability, involuntary unemployment, or death.


Protect Your Ride, Cover the GAP

Newly purchased vehicles depreciate the second they’re driven off the dealer’s lot. When a vehicle is totaled in an accident or stolen and not recovered, you could owe more than the vehicle is worth. GAP is designed to reduce or eliminate the difference between the insurance settlement and the loan balance. Want to learn more?

Credit Life & Disability

Secure Tomorrow, Protect Today

Credit Life and Disability insurance provides financial security by covering loan repayments in case of the policyholder’s death or disability, ensuring peace of mind for both borrowers and lenders. Want to learn more?

Mechanical Repair

Peace of Mind on Every Mile

Mechanical Repair Coverage is an insurance product that shields vehicle owners from costly repairs by covering the expenses of mechanical breakdowns beyond the manufacturer’s warranty, ensuring continued smooth operation and financial peace of mind. Want to learn more?

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