2021 College Scholarship Program

This year’s essay topic:
As a millennial, why do you value being a credit union member over a bank customer? Any information that is not the original idea of the applicant needs to be cited as to the source of the information. Please submit in a PDF format.

This year’s video topic:
Create a 60 second video-Introduce yourself with your first name and tell us why you like The ONE Federal Credit Union. Have fun, be creative! Content of the video must be the original work of the applicant. Please submit in a YouTube link.

PLEASE NOTE: Parental membership does not qualify the applicant. All applicants must themselves be a member of The ONE Federal Credit Union. Applicants must be a current freshman, sophomore, junior or senior in high school planning to attend a college or trade school. This scholarship does not apply to students in postgraduate programs nor payment of student loans. If a winner that is chosen is anything other than a current high school senior, awards will be deposited into a growth account at ONE FCU that will be available to the student upon their high school graduation with intent to attend a college or trade school the following semester. All other winners will receive their award upon attending the college or trade school of their choosing. All amounts are paid directly to the school upon presentation of tuition bill. In the event the winning student does not end up attending a postsecondary institution, The ONE Federal Credit Union will pay out a flat $100.00 cash prize. This determination is made upon immediate post-graduation plans. Upon entry, all essays, photos, videos, and packet information becomes property of The ONE Federal Credit Union. We do not publicize address or other personal information of applicants.

High School Application Form

College Application Form

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