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The Future.

ONE FCU recognizes that our future lies with our youth. That’s why we have invested so much to give them a head start in learning about their finances.

Explore Our Youth Financial Resources K-12

Financial Literacy

Education should be fun! That’s why we offer a multitude of Financial Literacy resources so youth of all ages can stay engaged while learning about money. Here, you’ll findĀ lessons, games, videos, comics, and much more!

Youth Banking

Our Team will work with you to figure out the best account options for your child. With different levels of accessibility and function, you can start teaching your child financial autonomy at a pace you’re comfortable with.


A Savings Account is our simplest form of Youth Banking.

Youth can either make deposits and withdrawals, or only make deposits depending on the Parent/Guardian's preference of accesibility.

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A Checking Account automatically gives youth complete access for deposits and withdrawals.

Youth are not eligible for courtesy pay or overdraft protection, however may receive a debit card, direct deposit, and checks.

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Growth Fund

The Graduation Growth Fund is intended to help youth save for their future after high school.

This account requires a $100 initial deposit and does not mature until May of the graduating year. Deposits can be made until the account matures.

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Like no Other

ONE FCU recognizes that there is so much more that goes into preparing a future than financial readiness, so we’ve added a few more resources to help you reach your next goal. From community Service, to Life Skills and Career Paths, we’re here for you.;=

In the Community

As a non-profit organization, ONE FCU prioritizes community service. We know that without our members, there would be no “us.” So, we make sure to stay involved in our surrounding communities and give back when we can. Check out some of our favorite events!

Interested in volunteering?

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A's for Dollars

Earn money for good grades! For every “A” received in a core class (English, Math, Science, History/Social Studies, and Language) youth recieve one dollar up to $10 per year.

Report cards must be handed in by June 30th to a Team Representative. Your account will be paid in July. Accounts are only paid once per year.

Quest for Career

Career Planning can be extremely overwhelming. To help you navigate your career and education path, we have instituted some special resources

Check out the Quest For Career page for more information!

Looking for a Career in Banking? Take your first steps with ONE!

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